About The Tech and I

I’ve have been working with computer systems for more than 20 years. I believe technology and the web are powerful society changing tools that enable people from all walks of life in ways never before possible.

I want to help you use technology and the web to build  your vision and help your cause and/or your business to succeed. I don’t believe in any one solution, some are better than others but each situation is unique and each set of requirements comes with it’s own set of challenges. Often one solution will suffice but many times you need to be creative and think outside the box or at least consider consolidation of systems to meet your needs.

Smart companies use smart tools.


Our mission is to provide technology planning and counseling that will most benefit your organization and help you develop and strengthen your organizations core competencies. I will work to make your website a success. If you want your website to succeed give me a call.


  • Our goal is to help you be more productive
  • To enable you to provide more services to more clients
  • To use technology holistically and mindfully in order to accomplish your goals
  • To help you choose the right technology at the right time
  • To give your website purpose

How we do this

  • By listening to our clients
  • By working hard
  • By continually learning
  • and learning, and learning, and learning!
  • By listening to our clients (did I say that?)

I do this work because I love it.

I believe in finding the best system/solution for my clients. I enjoy looking at the opportunity my clients come to me with and asking, “what tools and technologies will help this client and fill their particular set of needs?”

Technology is fluid and moves fast I try to never get embedded into any one solution or one system trying to get it to fit all needs.

There is no one solution for everyone. Usually, the solution is individualized and has many components or parts. However there are some systems that just work and work well.

It’s why I like WordPress…out of the box WordPress meets many needs and can be customized with themes, plugins, and code for all types of situations! That’s a good system!

I like WordPress for many reasons. It’s a full Content Management System and it’s built on a solid open source foundation.  As it’s opensource the support out there is wonderful and varied.

You can customize your installation with such a wide variety of plugins, themes, and frameworks, that usually WordPress, in one way or the other, meets most needs.

But you need to plan.

Because success is not an accident. And there is never just one solution. Sometimes you need HTML, sometimes you need an app built or a PHP site customized to meet your needs. Sometimes you need code, databases, and support for legacy systems.

The point is each client is a challenge and I want to do my best to meet that challenge so my clients have a website that does what they need when they need it.

Sure it’s personal.

It has to be.

I do this work because I love it.

The Tech and I

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