Designing for Accessibility

What do you see





















What do you see! I got into this business when I discovered just how difficult it was for people with vision impairments to surf the net. Here was this vast archive of information right at our fingertips but it was basically a visual medium and relied on sight to be accessed. This cut off those who were blind or those with vision impairments and that seemed wrong somehow. Having lost an eye as a youngster I grew up acutely aware of just how precious sight was. And being a tech head I felt it somehow unfair that something as wonderful as the internet was not available to those without sight. So I decided that my websites would be accessible to those who could not see. What I didn’t realize is this, designing for accessibility prepared me for what was coming down the road. Sites designed with accessibility in mind were not as hard hit by the explosion of mobile devices! Sites designed around and using concepts that promote accessibility were, well, accessible! So I make it a point to look at my sites and the work I do and think “what will people NOT see, instead of what will people see.” I ask myself what is it that is going to be missed by those who can’t discern color or who are blind and using screen readers. And then I try to fill that to enrich the experience of all my users, sighted or not. The internet must be accessible, it’s critical that everyone has access to technology.