Keywords and the purpose driven site

A keyword is a word or phrase that defines is a topic. Searchers use keywords as a way to find content that they are looking for. The way they use those keywords to fashion their searches is one of the key elements to understanding keyword SEO. The use of words and terms to help a user verbalize their problem in such a way that allows them to find in the ocean of information that is the net, content that is relevant to them.  A purpose driven site is a site that builds it’s content around keywords and phrases that are or would be relevant to a potential customer, client, or visitor that meets your business goals.

Think of how you use the internet. When you see something that interests you what do you do if you want more information? You do a search on Google or Bing, HOW you do that search is the topic of keyword SEO? In all cases you will use keywords or terms that in your mind describe what you are looking for. An example is the other day I was looking for a refrigerator and wanted some reviews. So, of course I typed into Google “refrigerator reviews” and a bunch of sites popped up that Google believed was pertinent and relevant to my search.

“Refrigerator reviews” is pretty specific, so if you are a website specializing in refrigerator reviews and your business goal is to  help people find good refrigerators then your content will need to use that term, will need to use those words.

On the back-end Google which indexes pages and saves that data under keyword categories scanned the websites containing words like “Refrigerator, Review” or phrases like “refrigerator reviews,” and once it found the sites with those words in the headings or in the page content Google returned the results according to a ranking algorithm they have. Again this is overly simple and the algorithm Google uses factors in page ranking, links, and other content, but from a business point of view, it’s very important that your site rank high for keywords that your business solutions provide.

If you have a recipe site and you want to rank for recipes, you would need to use the term Recipe in your headings, in your content, and in your links, you would want content including images, sound, whatever that relates and is relevant to the topic you want to optimize for. The more emphasis you place on a term or word the higher that term ranks for that term (not including such things as spamming or other bad business choices).
If you have a title that says “Shrimp Cocktail Recipes” inside a page titled ‘Recipes with Shrimp” this page is relevant and has a chance of being returned to anyone typing Shrimp Recipe, or “Shrimp cocktail recipe” into Google. But of course you have to consider competition. For example if you type “Shrimp Cocktail Recipe” into Google this is what comes up…
Search example using the term "Shrimp Cocktail"
As you can see if you are trying to compete for this term you are competing against and the  Competing against Food Network or is not going to be easy because they’re so large. You would want to use terms to differentiate yourself. For example you might want to try a term like “Organic Shrimp Cocktail” and you would find this:
A search using the term organic shrimp cocktail
Here you might have a better chance. Which brings us to the topic of finding your niche and designing your site around the purpose that you are in business.