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If you are a business seeking to grow to today’s market you definitely need online marketing! However prior to embarking on an online campaign you need to understand a few concepts up front. Online marketing differs from traditional marketing in some very important ways.

  • First and foremost online marketing is fluid and not static. In other mediums you would design the ad or the commercial and that would be the end of it. The net is fluid, people visit a site repeatedly, and this creates an opportunity for interactive experiences.
  • Online marketing differs from traditional marketing in that the internet allows an expanded communication experience between buyers and sellers that traditional mediums such as newspaper, TV, and radio, do not allow. This expanded communication on the internet has evolved and changed the way we deliver services and products. Consider for a moment the rise of reviews. Reviews are just one way the customer can interact with a product or a company.
  • It’s not enough today to say you or your product is great or claim that your product is new and improved, these claims when made on the internet need to be backed by users who have bought or tried your services or your product, in other words boasting about your services better be backed by fact.

Verification is now part of the purchasing process.

In a one way communication medium like TV or print, you can say “Our product cures headaches twice as fast as brand X” and the only way someone could test that claim was to try it.  When you say that on the net you can bet someone is going to head over to Amazon or any of the places where user review are posted and check out the claim and what others who have tried your headache cure have found. Users can do this in real time, right now, finding out exactly what others are saying and comparing it to what you are saying.  And if your claim is bogus or false, if your claim is not verified, the damage to your campaign can be significant.

Not only can you damage your campaign but you can damage your brand.

Online marketing is about balance. It’s about understanding that you are communicating a message and that that message will be seen in the light of an open and informed community.

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